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Instant Services provides support and services for interior designers, architects, construction and real estate companies as well as private clients in the Asian Pacific Region. We have branches in Hong Kong and Singapore with local representation.

Smart, Big Data Driven Services

Don’t waste hours researching possible suppliers. Let our sourcing experts do the hard work and find the right products for your projects and your budget. Our team can help you outline what exactly you need and will use their knowledge of an extensive range of products to help you form a clearer image of what products can be used and also discuss a time frame and budget with you to make sure everything stays within these parameters.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Design is very personal, and your happiness is our top priority. Our real estate project experts are heavily vetted specialists in their field, from the best design schools and studios. We take a personal approach for each project, making sure you get perfect results for you and your clients, based on your design brief.

Only the best products for any style or budget

We are continuously searching for the best products on the market to suit any style or budget. Our designers are not restricted to any particular set of vendors as we are serious about creative freedom, but we do have our favourite brands and sources that we know to deliver great products and a great service at the best price.

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