As we bid farewell to the challenges of the past years under Covid, the work-from-home culture has become a somewhat lasting part of our lives. When done right, it can boost productivity and save time and money. Trying to create the ideal environment for working from home? Find out how to create the perfect home office, including furniture and design ideas.

How to Create a Cosy Home Office

Whether you are working from home, writing, reading, drawing, or even watching your favourite TV series in privacy – a comfortable home workspace is the perfect place to conduct any of these activities. The word ‘work’ or ‘office’ itself often doesn’t connote exciting imagery – think grey interiors, messy piles of documents, and stiff computer chairs. Luckily, there are many ways to liven up a home workspace to make it more inviting and inspiring, transforming it into a haven for creativity and productivity. Our team has come up with a few ways to make your home workspace that exact type of haven, including furniture and design ideas. Get ready to convert your space into a cosy yet stimulating room where you can get all your work and creative projects done – in style!

1. Perfect Your Home Office Desk and Chair Setup

Off chair Normann copenhagen

Comfort is key in creating a cosy and productive home workspace, which is why selecting the best desk and chair for your needs is crucial. These are key furniture elements for any office setup, which is why you should allocate proper time and care into finding the most suitable options for you. 

Find a chair that is durable, supportive, and just soft enough that it remains comfortable after sitting on it for long periods yet doesn’t enable you to slouch. Consists of a seat made from rigid PU foam with full upholstery, the Normann Copenhagen Off Chair makes for a sturdy and comfortable choice (also featuring a 10 degree tilt inclination for when you really need to relax). You can choose whether you want your base to be static or wheeled, and also choose between leather upholstery or different textile options to match the rest of your decor. The chair comes in both Low and High Back varieties depending on your preferred back height, with the Off Armchair Low 5W Gas Lift Aluminium also featuring armrests. 

As for your home work desk, consider what you will most likely be using the surface for – do you need a desk that has lots of space so you can spread papers and books out, or do you just need a simple desktop setup for your computer? A writing desk with a large, open surface area would be most applicable for the former, whilst a proper computer desk would be best for the latter as they normally have specific features such as pull-out keyboard trays and cable grommets. For the best of both worlds, the Normann Copenhagen Kip or Journal Desk has a large flat tabletop with functional details, such as an integrated wire grommet and a steel drawer under the desktop for storage of either your keyboard or office supplies.

Off chair Normann copenhagen
Off chair Normann copenhagen

2. Incorporate Greenery and Artistic Pieces

The easiest way to inspire creativity is to surround yourself with it. Decorate your home workspace with furniture pieces, greenery, and art that helps you feel motivated whilst also brings you joy. Potted plants and flowers are a great way to liven up a home workspace, whilst incorporating simple items like stools, framed artwork and photographs, trinkets, and calendars can instantly brighten up the design. This will also make the space feel more familiar and inviting, as you surround yourself with artefacts that are close to your heart. 

Normann Bit Stool

The Normann Copenhagen Bit Stool is one of our signature products, with a pixelated surface made up from small bits of 100% recycled household and industrial plastic. The multi-purpose Bit Stool can be used as a pedestal for a floral arrangement, as a side table for a lamp, or as impromptu seat for that unexpected dinner guest. It is also suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments, making for an extremely versatile piece that can be used throughout your home to give it more character. The stool is available in black, white, and a variety of fun shades like green, blue, and yellow.

3. Throw Down a Colourful Rug

A fun, patterned rug can do wonders for transforming a space whilst basically requiring no effort at all – simply unroll it and place it wherever it inspires most visual interest! Having a rug nearby your desk can provide a welcome respite when you get up to stretch your legs, especially if you select a softer rug that breaks up the textures of the room. You can also use this rug as a way to spice up your home workspace design, matching or contrasting it with other colours found within the room. For a soft and stylish rug, the Normann Copenhagen Oona Rug is handmade out of 100% New Zealand Wool and comes in shades of rose, mint, and grey, as well as 3 different sizes to fit any amount of floor space. Its unique shape and snug surface will be an aesthetic and comfortable fixture in your home office.

4. Install Optimal Lighting

Working in a room with sufficient lighting is vital for productivity, however too much bright light can make a room feel unwelcoming and harsh. For best effect, choose a combination of lighting types to give you the spark you need to power through the day. Warmer ambient lighting will create a cosy atmosphere throughout the room, whilst you can consider adding task lights such as hanging pendants or lamps either directly above or nearby your desk to help you get the job done. A modern and stylish table lamp is a nice addition to any home office, giving your desk an extra touch of personality whilst also providing another source of light that can be aimed specifically towards certain areas.

Normann Copenhagen has a variety of both pendant lamps and table lamps that will instantly liven up any space whilst offering perfectly functional lighting. The Eddy Table Lamp, made of a solid block of beautifully grained Italian marble, coupled with a canopy of integrated LED light source that can be tipped around to control the direction of the light, adding to the atmosphere of the room. For a more nostalgic feel, the Amp Table Lamp is a timeless piece with a gently curved silhouette that bathes the room in a comfortable glow. Meanwhile, the Dim Pendant Lamp is a delightful pendant lamp that creates cosy ambient lighting with adjustable brightness and colour tempoerature that ensures anti-dazzle, perfect for hanging nearby or over your desk without the risk of too much brightness.

You should also optimise the amount of natural light that comes into your home office during the day – make sure to implement curtains or blinds that you can easily draw back or open to let natural light flood through.

5. Declutter Your Area

A big part of what makes a good home workspace is the minimal distractions it provides. As such, clearing up any clutter is a must when rethinking your home office’s design. To declutter in the most effective way possible, consider implementing some additional furniture such as under-desk cabinets, freestanding shelves, or bookshelves so you can easily put away and access all your necessary items during the workday. Make sure to implement a proper storage system, such as certain stationery in specific drawers, so you don’t end up tossing random items into different areas and losing them.

If your home office has a long wall or a rectangular space, the Normann Copenhagen Jam Bookcase is a simple and elegant storage solution that can easily house all of your supplies, books, and necessities across its two to three expansive shelves, also serving as a countertop for any decorations, plants, or photo frames you would like to display. For smaller storage, the low Plank Bookcase by the same brand can easily be tucked under your desk or into a corner of your office to neatly stack up books and files, with a long surface that can also be used as a bench.

Need More Home Office Furniture Ideas?

If you are ready to start creating your ideal home workspace but still want additional ideas, these designer furniture pieces might provide some further inspiration! We strive to be your one-stop home renovation outlet offering you a full range of high-end luxury appliances, sanitary wares, and furniture. Visit our showroom at 102-103 Ruttonjee Centre, 11 Duddell Street, Central, Hong Kong. Contact us today via WhatsApp or email for expert guidance on selecting the perfect furniture for your home or project.